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A handful of teeny tiny bars of chocolate recently arrived in the post. Little bars of 53% dark Belgian chocolate, but they contain a small dark secret. They are not hand crafted artisan bars featuring single origin estate chocolate, although that would be nice, no, you eat these bars for your health. Some of us have been deluding ourselves for years that this is our main reason for eating chocolate. The Ohso claim? Weighing in at 13.5g and containing 72 calories a bar, they are packed full of healthy gut probiotics and these good bacteria last three times longer in chocolate than in milk products. This means that they arrive in better shape at the part of your gut where they do their good works. Plus chocolate is well known for its antioxidants and vitamins including D and E. These are, therefore, perhaps the ultimate chocolate detox.

Packaged in packs of seven, the idea is that you have one for each day of the week, providing your daily probiotic requirement. The mini bars have 24 mini squares, which enables the bar to be savoured slowly if wished. Retailing at £3.99, these are available online at Ohso and also in health food shops and other independent retailers.

OK, so enough of the health benefits, what do they actually taste like? The bar certainly smells chocolatey, with a sweet aroma emanating as soon as the wrapper is removed. Those first impressions are confirmed as the chocolate enters your mouth. It is pleasant with fruity notes, but is a little too sweet for me and resembles some of the mainstream dark chocolate bars which are widely available.



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    6th October 2012

    Shame about them being too sweet as I don’t have the sweetest tooth although I do love chocolate and this sounds like a great idea….thanks for sharing the review.

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    6th October 2012

    Thanks Deb. I agree, if they are meant to be healthy, keeping the sugar to a minimum would be more beneficial.

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      7th October 2012

      I don’t think I had enough to actually assess the benefit. We have kefir pretty much every day, so I’m pretty certain I get all the good gut bacteria I need, even if it is with dairy.

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    Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns
    6th October 2012

    Hmm, sometimes I wonder why everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel. Why cant chocolate just be chocolate, ithas health properties to begin with like anti oxidents and eaten in moderation is good for you.

    Thank you for the review, have a great day

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      7th October 2012

      Thanks Elizabeth. I suspect any health properties chocolate has are counteracted by all the added sugar. Having said that, I have a sweet tooth and am a firm believer in a “little of what you fancy ……..”

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    10th October 2012

    Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I prefer my chocolate as chocolate and my probiotics as fermented foods. And yes, I know cocoa beans are fermented first …

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    13th March 2013

    I have heard a lot about this chocolate on Facebook. I have to try it yet though.

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    27th November 2013

    Why are people so deluded!! Look at the ingredients , the ingredient that comes first means highest content. Therefore this bar is nearly all sugar, I hate it when consumers are made fools of but we seem to be so easily led. Good for you, my backside!!.

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