Linen Tea Towels and a Giveaway #6

When asked by Al McCavery of All Tea Towels if I’d like to review a couple of tea towels from the site, I was really pleased. I love a good tea towel and especially nice colourful ones that look decorative when not in use. There are plenty to choose from. Whether it’s a particular theme or colour that is wanted, chances are you will be in luck. There is even a food and drink category, although sadly, I couldn’t find any chocolate related ones.

I did find plenty of red tea towels though. Red is my colour of choice for all kitchen related paraphernalia. Making a choice of only two was actually quite difficult. Colour and design were two factors to be considered. Material was another – linen, plain cotton or waffle? In the end I chose two Irish linen tea towels, partly because I liked the designs and partly because they were linen. Linen is purported to be the best material for tea towels as it is absorbent, lint free and durable. It also has a touch of elegance and class about it, which my kitchen is very much in need of.

I’d chosen an anemone design for myself – a Pierre-Joseph Redoute print. Anemones are some of my favourite flowers and as well as featuring a large red anemone, there is a thick red border too. The second one is a Madeleine Floyd design featuring garden birds, their song and their eggs; this one is destined for my mother. She loves to watch the birds in her garden and try and identify their calls and it has a blue border which matches her aga.

Linen has a long and venerable history. Made from the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum, it is thought to be one of the first plants used to make fabric in about 8000BC. It was brought to prominence by the ancient Egyptians in about 4000 BC. Although linen had been grown in Ireland from around 1000BC, it did not become widely used until the Middle Ages. Although cotton and in more recent times, artificial fibres have come to dominate the market, there is still, thankfully, a place for the production and use of linen in our modern world.

An added bonus, in my book at least, is that these tea towels are sent by Royal Mail. Despite the doom and gloom surrounding this venerable institution, I like to see it supported. A parcel very quickly arrived and the tea towels were extracted from their packaging. As an aside, they were wrapped in turquoise tissue paper and as I am partial to colourful tissue paper, I awarded another bonus point.

Both were a good couple of inches bigger in either direction than some of my existing tea towels and measure 48cm by 74cm.

The weave was more open than I’d expected and the linen nice and crisp. They are of course, colour fast and machine washable. The washing instructions say it takes a few washes to get a really absorbent cloth. I haven’t washed either of them yet, but I did test one out and I was really quite impressed with how much water it absorbed and how well it dried the mugs and glasses leaving them sparkling and smear free. I’m wondering if they really can get even better.

Al has kindly agreed to give a linen tea towel away to one of my UK readers. Being as it’s spring and rather a wet one at that, I’ve chosen a nice cheery yellow. Appropriately entitled Spring Season Tree of Life, the trunk and branches have words associated with belonging and positive emotion written along them. I very nearly chose this one for myself.

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment at the bottom of this post answering the question below. You have until midnight of Wednesday 9th May 2012 when the giveaway closes. The winner will be randomly selected after this date. Once again, apologies to oversees visitors, but this is only open to those with a UK postal address.

What would be your ideal tea towel design or colour?

Additional entries can also be made by doing any of the following and letting me know by leaving a separate comment for each method used. BUT you must answer the question above for these to be eligible:

  • Tweeting the following message “Win linen Tree of Life tea towel from @Choclette8 on Chocolate Log Blog –”
  • Liking Chocolate Log Blog Page on Facebook
  • Following my blog via Networked Blogs (follow button can be found on the sidebar).
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10 May Update. This giveaway is now closed. The winner has been drawn using Random.Org as follows: no. 29 – Baking Addict


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    24th April 2012

    I would love to have a pink Keep Calm and Bake design on a teatowel 🙂 Ruth

  2. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    Followed you via via Google Friend Connect (never heard of this before!)

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    24th April 2012

    Liked your facebook, omg those pictures are delicious

  4. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    andddddddd followed you via Networked Blogs x

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    24th April 2012

    I’d love a tea towel in any colour which says “they don’t dry themselves you know” as a not so gentle reminder to my other half 😉

  6. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    Oh I love the tea towels you’ve selected, esp. the one you’ve chosen for the giveaway, so its no surprise that I am entering. Cheeky of me really, as i have a number of Wonderful teatowels already from All Tea Towels. I am justifying me entering for two reasons, I am a sucker for tea towels and secondly you can never have enough.
    My favourite theme would have to be vegetable related.

  7. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    Red poppies on a black background would look striking in my kitchen. @millililli

  8. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    I love William Morris designs. The tea towel you have picked for yourself is very tasteful. A great choice. Thank you! @maximka25

  9. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    Oh I love love love the one with the birds! I love birds, and my mum is an avid bird watcher, so if I won, that would be a gift for her.
    I’m having a hankering for really bold 60s/70s patterns, not the clean, minimal Orla Kiely ones but the swirly monstrosities with browns, oranges, khaki greens, yellows, blacks and beiges. Like the carpet in my house when we moved here in the early 90s, long since gone now, huge rose-like flowers in reds, browns and blacks!

  10. Leave a Reply

    Baking Addict
    24th April 2012

    I love tea towels and have quite a few in my collection now. I would like a pink cupcake one which I already have but you can never have too many :)Love your choices of tea towels too and the yellow one is definitely very spring-like.

  11. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    Hi there – there both very sweet! I’d like one that says ‘property of the man of this house and must be used daily!’ that should be a big enough hint!

  12. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    I’d like a white tea towel with a skiing/snow/tobogganing or skating scene on it

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  13. Leave a Reply

    24th April 2012

    I have tweeted as @beachrambler

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    24th April 2012

    I have liked on facebook – Hazel Rea (@beachrambler)

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    25th April 2012

    Love tea towels. I’d like one with images of my own village on it. Which I think would make a fun gift for all 11 of us!!

  16. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    I’d like a Formula 1 tea towel. Probably Ferrari because my kitchen’s red and black. Be nice if it could have DRS and KERS to make my housework that bit quicker!

  17. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    Following on Google friend connect. Shell j-s

  18. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    Liked on facebook. @shell03shell

  19. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    I’d love a tea towel of donkeys – I love donkeys!


  20. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    If I could design a tea towel it would definitely have my favourite all-time joke (to be fair this is only because it’s the only one I remember) – Which is the most common owl in Britain? The Teat Owl. Oh how I laugh every time.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    25th April 2012

    I’d love a tea towel with zebras on it

  22. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    25th April 2012

    Have tweeted @SpikesKitten

  23. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    25th April 2012

    Following on Networked Blogs

  24. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    I’d love some really bright yellow ones – would lift the blue colours of my kitchen and would brighten up the drying up!

  25. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    I love designs from places I have been, so last weekend I went to Nyman’s garden,as part of their National Trust open weekend and came home with another Tea Towel showing a a map of the garden and its special features.

  26. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    I have liked Chocolate Log Blog Page on Facebook as kohsamui rosie and shared your competition post with my friends

  27. Leave a Reply

    25th April 2012

    following through GFC I think I am #356 the tweeting mug hiyaaaaa @kohsamuirosie

  28. Leave a Reply

    26th April 2012

    I would love to have a tea towel with a long sausage dog on it as I have just bought a puppy Dachshund

    Facebook – Kirsty Fox
    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Email – robertfox24 [at] aol [dot] com

  29. Leave a Reply

    27th April 2012

    Love the Spring Season Tree of Life, life affirming colours, words of wisdom to think on while drying up…what more could one want!

  30. Leave a Reply

    28th April 2012

    When I was younger my mum had a teatowel with lots of white sheep and one black one. I’d love to get one like that!

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