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A few weeks ago, an unexpected parcel arrived in the post. Childlike I know, but I still get very excited by parcels, especially unexpected ones. Having reviewed these drinking chocolates back in June, Steenbergs thought I might like to try a tin of their chilli version. And a tin with a label on it too. Last time, they were still waiting for the labels to be printed, so I received two unlabelled tins – which was fine by me as I can now use them for other purposes.

Of the three drinking chocolate varieties, this was my favourite. It has a real kick to it and I love the warmth it leaves behind in mouth, throat and stomach. It’s not quite as sweet as the others either, which gave it the thumbs up from me. I’d happily sip on this all winter long. But a word of warning, this one is not for the faint hearted; CT thought it was like a hot iron fist concealed within an unctuous velvet glove.

I had a thought that this would be rather good used in a cake. I duly made one and it worked just as I’d hoped; more on that later.


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    Karen S Booth
    19th September 2011

    I love the combination of chilli and chocolate, lucky you with your surprise parcel!

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    19th September 2011

    I’ve just tried a chilli and chocolate hot chocolate block we picked up in Belgium a few weeks back- I was really pleasantly surprised (just like when you received your parcel!). It was indeed perfectly warming on these chillier Autumnal nights!

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    A Trifle Rushed
    19th September 2011

    Umm! It sounds interesting, just how hot is it? It might be just the thing for my elder son, he loves hot chocolate, and adores anything with chilli!

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    20th September 2011

    You lucky thing. I have tried a version of this before (another brand) but it was a bit too hot for my comforting bed time drink (and it masked the amaretto slug in there). 😉

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    20th September 2011

    Mmm this sounds like my kind of drink. I’ve seen Steenburg spices many a time, but not hot chocolate – will have to look out for this.

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    Lady Chutney
    21st September 2011

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I think I am happy for Rob to take the blame for my cookies on this ocassion. I didn’t think I would like the combination of chilli and chocolate but I’ve just made a batch of chilli chocolate truffles from Thomasina Miers Mexican Food Made Easy for a friends birthday and they are delicious. Have to make some for me now.

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    22nd September 2011

    Karen – I knew I couldn’t be the only chilli and chocolate fan 😉

    Kate – sounds very satisfying. Using real chocolate is the best.

    A Trifle Rushed – It is quite hot, the hottest version I’ve yet tried and I err …. have tried a few!

    Foodness Gracious – I bet chilli works really well with ice-cream; cold then hot, mmm.

    Kath – you’re a wicked woman leading me astray – I’m going to have to try that slug of amaretto now.

    Helen – that’s a good tip for madeleines – thank you.

    Two Hippos – one of my favourite combinations.

    Shaheen – My cheep and cheerful method is to put a pinch of Cayenne into a cup of cocoa (which you can then sweeten or not to your taste)!

    Lady Chutney – glad you’re now a convert 😉

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    Carys Jones
    28th June 2014

    When it comes to savoury foods its a case of the spicier the better for me so I’d be curious to try a chilli chocolate mix drink.

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