Not So Jammy Dodgers and a Win

Biscuits | 2nd June 2011 | By

An embarrassingly long time ago now, I was delighted to find I’d won four copies of Baked and Delicious (#2-#5) along with accompanying silicone bakeware from Baking Addict’s blog The More Than Occasional Baker. Thank you Baking Addict and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post about it. As I’ve said on more than one occasion, silicone has revolutionised my baking life. No more wasted paper and no more faffing around trying to line tins with little patience and lots of frustration. So, I was very happy to welcome a few additions to my small, but growing collection: a loaf pan, a quiche case, two small heart shape moulds and a spatula. Not to sound too greedy, a ring mould is next on my wish list, although I’d quite like some Madeleine moulds too 😉

Times must be hard for the food publishing industry; along with issue #5 was a note saying that this was to be the last Baked & Delicious issue for the time being. Read into that what you will. Rather sad for those who were keen to build up a collection though. Confusingly, their website seems to suggest otherwise.

For an alternative take on Baked and Delicious, see Maison Cupcake’s review. You may also want to check out Kitchen Butterfly’s guide to silicone bakeware.

There are several things I’m keen to bake from Baked and Delicious, but the first picture to catch my eye was a lovely Jammy Dodger, otherwise known as Anglesey Cakes. For those not in the know, these are shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with jam – raspberry jam in this case with a little window in the top to view the shiny red stuff. On Anglesey, apparently, the children used to sing their way around the local houses giving new year good wishes and would be rewarded (if they were lucky) with these biscuits. I so wanted to make these, but where was the chocolate? Well of course it wasn’t that difficult to get some chocolate in there. My first thought was to use nutella, but I generally find this rather too sweet. Ha, no problem, with my new found enthusiasm for mascarpone, I would mix the two together to make a yummy chocolatey, hazelnutty creamy filling. So this is what I did:

  • Creamed 8oz unsalted butter with 4oz caster sugar until light and creamy.
  • Beat in 1/4 tsp rock salt.
  • Worked in 12oz plain flour – later realised this should have been self-raising, but I didn’t notice that at the time.
  • Brought the dough together with my hands to form a ball.
  • Rolled this out on a floured surface to thickness of about 1/4 cm.
  • Cut out circles with a 5cm pastry cutter.
  • Cut a circle in the middle of half of them using a small ring cutter.
  • Re-rolled the offcuts and continued until there was no pastry left – I made about 38 circles, (although the recipe stated about 48).
  • Placed on two tins lined with baking paper and baked for 10 mins at 180C
  • Mixed a couple of spoonfuls of Nutella with a couple of spoonfuls of mascarpone and beat until well combined.
  • Spread some of the whole biscuits with strawberry jam ( I didn’t have any raspberry) and some with the Nutella mixture, leaving a small gap around the edges so the filling wouldn’t spill out.
  • Sandwiched the window biscuits on top and pressed down gently.
  • The instructions were to sprinkle icing sugar on top, but I didn’t do this as I wanted the window kept clear.

As you may have noticed, I did make a few jammy ones to give to a friend who I thought might appreciate them and very nice they were too. If truth be told, I think I preferred the jammy dodgers to the non jammy ones, but they were both delicious. I don’t know what these would have been like with a raising agent, but I don’t think they needed it. The nutella mascarpone spread was delicious, though still rather sweet and I very much enjoyed finishing off the leftovers 😉

We Should Cocoa – the June Challenge

Well I think we need a bit of light relief after all that rolling – I know I certainly do. Having said that, there have been lots of admiring comments about the standard and variety of the entries. If you haven’t seen the roulade round-up, it’s worth a look, it really is. This challenge will hopefully be something that you’ll all enjoy. With the exception of the Tea Challenge, I’ve been trying to stick to the seasons in my choices this year. So, summer is a coming here in the UK, it’s June, it’s Wimbledon, it’s Strawberries – yes, that’s right, strawberries. For those living where strawberries aren’t in season, there is always good old strawberry jam to use instead, or strawberry liqueur or any other strawberry concoction you might come up with.

If this is your first visit or you need a reminder of the rules, check out the We Should Cocoa challenge page.