Strawberry Fol-de-Rol – Random Recipes 4

Really, I don’t believe it! Rolling a sponge into an elegant roulade seems to be beyond me, but this month I seem doomed to try again and again. It was time for Dom’s Random Recipe challenge and this month I thought he’d let me off easily with his Just Deserts – getting us to choose a recipe from one of our “sweet” cook books. I numbered my chocolate books 1 to 9 (including the one I still have out from the library) and got CT to pick a number and then, with his eyes shut, pick a page from the selected book. Initially, I was quite pleased. he picked For Chocolate Lovers by the Tanner Brothers, a book I’d bought quite some time ago but hadn’t yet used. The recipe sounded good too, Chocolate marquise. But then I took a closer look – oh no – it was a roulade and following on so closely from this month’s We Should Cocoa roulade challenge too. OK, deep breath, I’d learnt a lesson from the last time, I’d better just get on with it and follow the instructions in the book.

The recipe was for a rich chocolate sponge filled with raspberry coulis, raspberries and cream. Raspberries aren’t yet in season here in the UK and I wasn’t going to start buying imported ones from Spain. Hummm, now strawberries ought to be available? Yes – my local greengrocer didn’t let me down, Cornish strawberries were in – hoorah. I also had a jar of strawberry jam in the cupboard which I could use instead of the raspberry coulis. So this is what I did, using half of the quantities stated in the book:

  • Separated the whites and yolks of 3 duck eggs into two bowls.
  • Whisked the whites until peaks formed, then added 50g caster sugar and whisked again until stiff.
  • Beat the yolks with 75g caster sugar until the mixture was thick and pale.
  • Stirred in the eggs whites carefully.
  • Folded in 15g arrowroot (recipe stated cornflour) and 50g cocoa sifted together.
  • Spread the mixture into a 20cm x 30cm Swiss roll tin lined with baking paper and baked for 10 mins at 180C until risen and firm to the touch.
  • Turned out onto a damp tea towel and removed the baking paper.
  • Left to cool slightly.
  • Spread a thin layer of strawberry jam over the sponge.
  • Spread a 150ml of whipped double cream (done whilst waiting for cake to bake) over the jam.
  • Placed quartered strawberries from a punnet (having reserved the 4 biggest ones for decoration and eating later) over the cream.
  • Tried to carefully roll the whole thing up and guess what? Disaster struck again. Not as bad as last time; at least it didn’t break up completely but it was more of a fold than a roll or as CT says fol-de-rol.
  • Dusted cocoa over the top.

So, once again, my roulade wasn’t actually a roulade; this time, I suspect, it was too thick rather than too thin. Then I managed to lose one of the precious strawberries whilst I was photographing the result – it fell down the back of our wall and into the neighbour’s garden never to be seen again. This didn’t improve my mood. However, peace and harmony were restored when we tried a slice later that evening. We were both in gastronomic ecstasy thanks to this lovely marquise. The sponge was rich and the filling was both tart and creamy – a fantastic combination which worked as well as a layer cake as it might have done as a roulade. Unless anyone else comes up with further plans to humiliate me, I shall be sticking to Liskeard Mess in future or maybe Fol-de-Rol.


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    26th May 2011

    The king of cake fate (if such a king exists!) must have been rubbing his hands in glee, with all your adventures roulade making this month! This one sounds delicious, a great recipe!

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    26th May 2011

    I’m not surprised it put you in a good mood – it looks sublime! Thats a shame about the wee strawberry hee hee! I love the pic with the strawberries on top, I’d easily scoff the lot!

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    26th May 2011

    I honestly haven’t laughed quite so hard for such a long time, thanks for that!… cant believe you got another roulade!… what’s going on?… it is brilliant that you went through with it though and I thank you for that too!!… just FYI, I have pretty much been in bed with flu all week other than rank trip to London yesterday which means I haven’t been able to pick up the sweetened chestnut puree for my roulade yet, just warning you because my entry for this months WSC may be a tad late xx (even though I wrote the post at the beginning of the month I haven’t actually made it yet!… anyway, I think I’m going mad with boredom now. x

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    26th May 2011

    oh and can I just say I simply love the way you plonked the 4 large strawberries onto the ‘roulade’… as if they could make it more elegant?

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    The Viking
    26th May 2011

    Is it a small cake or are they giant strawberries? either way it looks very tasty.

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    26th May 2011

    Looks great, and I love the name – Fol-de-Rol!!! Fab!

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    27th May 2011

    OH, yeah!!! This sounds fabulous! I would encounter some trepidation thinking about rolling a cake full of lumps of berries…but I’m willing to try for a slice of this!

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    27th May 2011

    Choclette rol de fol works for me. I love the colours all together… With all your recent posts, I can feel you slowly trying to push me to try and make a roly thing!

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    Johanna GGG
    28th May 2011

    sounds delicious to me – though I was startled when you said your strawberry fell over the wall – I forgot that english walls can be much thicker and shorter than most of the walls between Aussie houses and pictured you balancing it on a very high fence – I hope your precious strawberry sends some good nutrients back into the ground

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    28th May 2011

    Kate – I do feel someone was having a laugh! Great recipe though – can’t go wrong with chocolate strawberries and cream.

    Catherine – it was lovely but quite rich. Even CT and I couldn’t manage the lot in one sitting.

    Sonia – well I hope you fare better than I do.

    Dom – you made me laugh too. You’ve probably gathered that elegance and I are not easy partners – in fact we’re not partners at all! Hope you’re feeling better now. Chestnut puree sounds worth the wait. I’ll be posting today or tomorrow, but can always add yours in later – flu deserves some recompense.

    Anna – thank you, you’re very kind.

    MCB – and don’t forget the cream 😉

    The Viking – ha ha, it wasn’t that small. The strawberries were whoppers, which is why I was so grieved when I lost one of them.

    Maria – thank you, it did taste very good.

    C – thank you, another new name in my baking repertoire 😉

    Gloria – strawberries are pretty much good with anything, but go into another dimension with chocolate.

    Baking Addict – indeed they are 🙁

    Lizzy – you’re very kind. The truth is I don’t have much patience and haven’t had much success in rolling anything – with or without berries!

    Torview – thank you.

    CityHippy – I wouldn’t wish that one anyone 😉

    SniffandSnort – thank you, I’m rather taken with the name.

    Johanna – now you come to mention it, you’re right, I don’t remember many garden walls in Australia. It’s a long drop the other side of our wall, or I would have considered rescuing my much missed strawberry. To cap it all, we had our first ripe juicy looking strawberry in the garden this week and were both looking forward to sharing it – a bird got there first 🙁

    Angie – thank you. I like the colours too and am hoping the name will catch on 😉

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    28th May 2011

    Choc dear, perfect appearance in cake making is the domain of commercial cake bakers, many of whom use all sorts of additives and stabilizers to get their creations to be “just so”. Your squashed “C” cake (“C” is for Choclette) looks more appealing than almost anything I see in the patisserie!

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    28th May 2011

    I had a little look to see if I could find some help for you with the rolling of your roulade, THIS might be the very thing!

    Always a treat to visit your blog.

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    29th May 2011

    Nic – thank you, it’s a great recipe if you’re a bit more adept at rolling than me – ha ha!

    Janice – thank you indeed. I shall have a look at the link you’ve sent, but not sure I ever want to try again!

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    29th May 2011

    I think it’s because your cake is so good and fluffy, not that you’re poor at rolling. Probably your eggs are fresher and better than average and that is all to the good. Looks totally delicious, anyone can roll, not everyone can get a cake to rise

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    29th May 2011

    He he Oxslip, it’s nice to have a fan. Thank you for all your generous and supportive words – I shall back to my baking with renewed vigour.

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