Truffle Easter Eggs

I know these are a little late in the day, but this is the last of my Easter Platter posts and really they don’t have to be Easter eggs at all. I think they’d be great given as a gift on any occasion – especially if you’ve mastered the art of tempering chocolate. Having seen, this post, I was going to attempt making my own Easter eggs this year rather than buying them. Having looked at the recipe a little closer, however, I was undecided – I really can’t get my head around US measurements and what did two packages of Graham crackers equate to anyway? So, when I had some cake left over from trimming the Battenberg, I decided to use that as the base for a filling instead.

  • Creamed about 1oz butter with about 1/2 oz caster sugar.
  • Beat in 1 dsp rhubarb liqueur.
  • Added about 5oz cake crumbs and mixed until all thoroughly combined.
  • Took walnut sized pieces and rolled between the palms of my hands forming them into some semblance of an egg shape – I made 15.
  • Put the pieces onto a tray lined with baking paper and placed in the freezer for 1/2 an hour. 
  • Melted 100g 72% cook’s chocolate (G&B) over a pan of hot water. Removed from the heat and added a further 50g. This was in an attempt to temper the chocolate – ha ha (I will get this cracked this year, I will).
  • Dipped the eggs into the chocolate and put back on the baking paper to set. As the eggs were frozen, this didn’t take long.
  • Decorated with mini sugar stars before the chocolate had set.

My usual aversion to faffing about came into play, so my chocolate eggs did not look in the least professional. I was, however, pleased that I had made the attempt. Most people I know prefer home made over commercial offerings and these certainly looked home made!

Luckily, my mother, for whom the majority of these were destined, was very impressed and thought them utterly delicious. CT also got in on the act. He too thought they were delicious and were the best Easter eggs he had. With a nice crisp chocolate shell and melt in the mouth innards, these were just like a real egg he thought. Not designed for an instant sugar hit, these were slow food to be savoured carefully and enjoyed at length. The bitter dark chocolate was a good foil to the softer sweeter filling.

We Should Cocoa – The Marzipan Round Up

Well it seems with marzipan, you either love it or hate it and many of you hated it. I’m beginning to think that Chele and I are playing good cop, bad cop, with Chele definitely being the good cop. Luckily, some of you out there love marzipan as much as I do – what a relief – and although entries to this month’s We Should Cocoa challenge were slow in coming forward, there was a sudden rush at the end, so I’m pleased to report there is more than just my entry this month – 17 in total. Again, there is a diverse range of offerings and a lot of creative talent – it’s not all simnel cake by any means, in fact there isn’t a single one. Many even made their own marzipan. Thank you to all who took part. I shall be be in my usual quandary, wondering which one to make first.

Chele will be posting the next We Should Cocoa challenge on 1 May 2011 on the Chocolate Teapot – I’m sure she’ll come up with something that more of you will find appealing.

Victoria of The District Chocoholic got things off to an amazing start with her Triple Chocolate Macarons. Not only are these perfectly formed, a skill I have yet to acquire, but they sound just the sort of thing I would love to tuck into.

This Marzipan, Chocolate and Cherry Ice-cream, made by Hannah of Corner Cottage Bakery would have been perfect for the lovely Easter weather many of us enjoyed.

A fellow marzipan enthusiast, Aveen of Baking Obsessively, made a lovely Chocolate Battenburg, even making the flowers that decorated the top.

With Easter just around the corner, Suelle of Mainly Baking made some gorgeous Easter Marzipan Biscuits shaped to form nests complete with eggs. Welcome back Suelle, we missed you last month.

Carl of Llynlines, with true love very much in mind, made these Hidden Hearts Muffins. Only he knew the marzipan hidden in the middle was in the shape of a heart.

In a daring bid for something different, Kath of The Ordinary Cook, not only made her own marzipan but made it with pistachios rather than almonds to give a gorgeous green stripe through her Pistachio Marzipan and Chocolate Cake.

For something different again, Hannah of Home Baked made these rather stylish marzipan pastries. I have to disagree with her choice of name though – Pastries for Cheats 😉

Really, I wasn’t copying Aveen. I’d had the idea of doing a Battenburg for quite some time and had wanted to use matcha and chocolate to make a good contrast of colours and flavours with this Chocolate & Matcha Battenberg.


Carly of Tart to Heart created a real Easter extravaganza with her Marzipan Chocolate-Strawberry Torte – luscious layers of shortbread, chocolate sponge, strawberry mousse, vanilla buttercream and marzipan.

With great heroism, Miss Cake Baker of What I Baked This Weekend decided she would take this opportunity to see if she could overcome her aversion to Marzipan. It didn’t work, but she came up with a great looking cake which I’m very sure I would have liked – Spanish Vanilla Cake.

It took Michele of Food Football and a Baby a while to figure out how to use both chocolate and marzipan in one dish, but she eventually came up with these delicious Coconut, Chocolate and Marzipan Macaroons.

As a fan of both brownies and marzipan I would find these Apricot-Mocha Brownie Marzipan Bars very hard to resist. Maya of Foddiva’s Kitchen has done a wonderful job of putting these together with a lovely contrast of colours as well as flavours.

Poor Chele of Chocolate Teapot, her heart really wasn’t in this one – she hates marzipan. But as it was a challenge she gave it her best shot. Her Easter Simnel Brownie look and sound totally delicious to me, but Chele was not impressed and into the bin they went.

Another variation on marzipan, Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe made a vegan version using no eggs. Her Marzipan Choc Chip Cookies sound very moreish.

Biscuits for Easter were also made by Mel of Sharky Oven Gloves. She took some needed time out from her dissertation to make these Easter Chocolate and Marzipan Biscuits, making her own marzipan eggs for good measure.

Kali of The Krav Vegan made these beautifully decorated vegan cupcakes. Off With Her Cupcakes included another version of home made vegan marzipan.

This Easiest Chocolate Cake in the World from Dom of Belleau Kitchen is sure to become a firm favourite in the tea rooms he is now baking for. With the fabulous decorations he has added, it doesn’t look easy to me, but it does look good.