Chocolate and Marmalade Cream Cake

Marmalade Cream Cake Slice

Layer cakes | 3rd April 2011 | By

I’ve heard a lot about marmalade cakes, but for some reason or another the concept has not appealed and I have never, until now, used marmalade in my baking. However, when I saw a recipe for One-Mix Chocolate Sponge in my recently borrowed The Chocolate Cookbook by Christine France, something about the marmalade cream caught my fancy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a one-mix method because unless we have a really hot spell, my butter is never soft enough.


We Should Cocoa – the April Challenge

We Should Cocoa | 1st April 2011 | By

Spring  is finally here, it almost seemed to happen overnight. One day everything was looking pretty much as it has done for the last few months and suddenly daffodils were appearing everywhere and the hedges and banks were adorned with primroses and violets.

Chele’s lime challenge last month will be a hard one to beat. Bloggers really took to it and came up with some excellent recipes all of which sounded totally delicious. You can see the round-up here. Once again I urge any who haven’t taken a look to do so.

The big event this month is of course Easter. For me Eastertide food conjures up nostalgic memories of boiled eggs for breakfast, hot cross buns, Easter biscuits, Easter eggs of course but most of all Simnel cake. I love simnel cake, the fruit cake is nice enough, but it’s the way that middle layer of marzipan oozes into the fruit that makes it so special. And then, there is all that lovely marzipan on top complete with eleven balls to represent the 12 apostles minus Judas Iscariot. You can see my less then perfect attempt from last year here. You can perhaps tell where this is going. I love marzipan so I am choosing marzipan as this month’s special ingredient. You can find out how to enter the challenge here.