We Should Cocoa – the February Challenge – Giveaway #2

Giveaway, Tea, We Should Cocoa | 1st February 2011 | By

Leftovers were a popular theme and we had a record number of entrants to the January challenge. Chele did her usual excellent round up and I am, once again, wishing I could try everything that has been produced. Thank you to all who participated. Do go and have a look if you haven’t already done so.

Ever since I first came across Matcha Chocolat, I’ve been wanting to experiment with what was a fairly new concept to me: tea and chocolate. I had a bash back in July when I made green tea cupcakes and chocrhutea, but I’ve been saving any further trials until I thought the time was right to use this combination in a We Should Cocoa challenge. So, there you have it, this month’s special ingredient is tea.

To add a bit of additional spice this month, we have Katie Christoffers of Matcha Chocolat awarding a prize to one lucky participant – a box of Masala Chai Caramels. These are, I promise you, very well worth having. This prize can only be shipped to a UK address though, so apologies to any overseas participants. Katie will pick the entry that she personally likes best  – a very difficult task I’m sure. Let me assure you that Chele and I will be exempt  – so no shady deals or cooking the books – drat!

All entries need to be in by the 25th of February. If you need a reminder as to how to take part, head to We Should Cocoa