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Having heard a couple of reviews about these fruity chocolates, I was very keen to try some. After a bit of wheedling on my part, Sarah from Chocadores finally caved in and sent me four of these fresh chocolates.  They arrived in a beautiful gold box which is normally used for wedding favours. Unfortunately, the chocolates themselves had been a bit battered in transit so the decorations looked a little the worse for wear. Attractive leafy transfers decorated the tops, each matching the colour of the fruit or herb featured inside the dark rectangular chocolate shells. None were overly sweet and they were all very fresh tasting. The flavours were intense with the real essence of the fruit and herbs coming through.

Fresh Mint – powerful scent of mint, the taste of which lingered on the palate long after the chocolate had been demolished.

Lemon – delicious, zesty and lemony, this white chocolate ganache reminded me more than anything of lemon flummery – completely delicious.

Mediterranean Orange – delicately scented of orange, this did not taste like your average orange flavoured chocolate; it tasted of the fruit itself with wonderful chocolatey notes coming through.

Raspberry & Rose – another intense fruity flavour, this raspberry coloured puree matched the raspberry and rose colour scheme of the top.  Rose was the first flavour to hit the tongue but with the intense fruity flavour of the raspberry rushing to catch up.

If offered only one of these, my preference would have been raspberry and rose. Now I have tried them, I have no firm favourite – they are all truly delightful. They left my mouth feeling fresh and zingy for a considerable time afterwards.  Of course having sampled only four, I am very keen to try a few more in this range.



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    13th December 2010

    These look nearly (I said nearly!) too good to eat.
    I hope one of these years I can be sending you something to review!!

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    13th December 2010

    They look and sound so good to me, especially the mint one … love mint and chocolate combo’s these days lol

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    13th December 2010

    They look too good to eat, even if they got a little battered. I think I’d have to go with the orange one. The prints on each are so pretty

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    The Caked Crusader
    13th December 2010

    Love the sound of the mint one! Very beautiful chocolates indeed – I’d still rahter eat them than look at them though!

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    13th December 2010

    They look amazing! Lucky you!

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    13th December 2010

    Everybody else has decided on just the one flavour, can I go for all of them? x

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    13th December 2010

    orange one sounds good to me… i love choc and orange! The photo is deceptive, they look like the size of a bar of soap! How big are they?

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    13th December 2010

    The chocolates look stunning. I think mine would have to be the lemon one.
    Did you try these on our behalf?!

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    Sarah, Maison Cupcake
    14th December 2010

    I think I’d go for the raspberry and rose too, I’m a Turkish Delight fan (the Fry’s variety not that icing sugar stuff!).

    Lovely patterns on them too. Chocolate should be pretty I think.

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    14th December 2010

    Wow they all look and sound gorgeous. I’m drawn to the mint!

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    15th December 2010

    Gillian – why wait for one of these years?

    Chele – they were all really good but the mint one was one of the best mint chocolates I’ve every had.

    Alice – it can be hard to destroy something as pretty as these, but I managed it.

    CC – it was a hard choice, but I think I’m with you on that one.

    CityHippy – battered, beautiful and very very tasty

    Lucie – good to see you back 🙂

    Kath – well unless you’ve tried them all, how would you know what your favourite is?

    Dom – put it like this, your bar of soap wouldn’t last for possibly even one wash!

    Maggie – of course I tried these on your behalf. I can be quite selfless really 😉

    Mr P – you are so right

    Sarah MC – glad I’m not the only rose fan

    Janice – good choice, but then I’d say that about all of them.

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    16th December 2010

    Waw!! These colorful chocolates look so tasty,..yummie!

    You eat a lot of chocolate though,…!!!


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    16th December 2010

    Sophie – for my sins, I do eat more chocolate than is good for me, but I do try to eat chocolate that has good quality ingredients and doesn’t have too much sugar. And there were only 4 of them and they were quite small 😉

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    Grazing Kate
    19th December 2010

    good to see a review of gourmet chocs – I personally don’t want to fork out money unless someone can tell me exactly how delicious they are – I will keep them in mind for my next splurge. Making my own for Xmas day! Have a lovely and merry (food-filled) Christmas period!

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    19th December 2010

    So pretty! I’m not a huge fan of fruit and chocolate, so the mint ones would be my choice.

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    19th December 2010

    Thanks Kate – wish you the same festive greeting. What chocolates are you going to be making?

    Foodycat – they are very pretty chocolates and the mint was a very tasty one.

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    debby emadian
    22nd December 2010

    These are delicious my sister bought me a box for a gift last year….and they look amazing too.

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