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What a delightful surprise awaited me back in October.  Having been a lucky recipient of some of Katie Christoffers chocolates to review, I was thrilled to get even luckier by winning a box of her Masala Chai Salted Caramels courtesy of fellow chocoholic Judith Lewis.  Judith’s Mostly About Chocolate blog does pretty much what it says on the tin – she reviews some of the best chocolates around.

Now I found myself faced with an eternal dilemma, be generous and pass them on as a gift or scoff the lot myself.  Guess which path I followed?  I assuaged my guilty conscience a little by allowing CT to participate.  In my defence, I had heard a lot of favourable reports and felt it was my duty to sample one of Matcha Chocolat’s latest offerings.

Could it be possible to outshine the chai truffles that I am so enamoured with already?  Well yes it can, these masala chai caramels were even more delicious.  The chocolate was dark and powerful and the caramel was, quite frankly, to die for.  The spicy chai meant this was much more than a mere salted caramel, good as they are.  For CT they conjured up Christmas, he liked the contrast between the crisp and slightly acidic shell with its resilient texture and the gloriously soft and spicy sweet caramel. Thanks to Judith for the prize and Katie for making them – we very much enjoyed savouring them.


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    13th November 2010

    You were duty bound to sample those chocolates Hun – no guilt required! Love the packaging and the finished chocolates look mouth watering. Glad you both enjoyed them ;0)

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    13th November 2010

    Yah, Thanks for the lovely post. Can’t wait to send you the new Winter Selection. I think it’s my favourite so far.

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    14th November 2010

    So elegant! Caramel needs dark chocolate – so often it’s paired with milk, and I just don’t think it’s as good.. 🙂

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    14th November 2010

    I really like the sound of them, and we would have been worse off had you given them away and not reviewed for us. So quite a selfless action really. I think salted caramel plus spices sounds a great winter flavour as CT says, must try and track some down for myself.

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    14th November 2010

    Chele – thanks, they are very good chocolates, it was really nice to win some.

    Katie – you’re welcome. You know I’m a big fan of your chocolates and am really looking forward to your Winter Collection.

    Gillian – this is true 🙂

    CityHippy – they were indeed divine. I was a little dubious about all the hype about adding salt to caramel, but I’m now a convert, it really works.

    Thanks BVG – always good to know I have your support.

    Celia – you are so right, the dark chocolate really sets the sweetness off and vice versa.

    Oxslip – I’m glowing with all this approval. Might just have to try some more at this rate.

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    14th November 2010

    my mouth is watering – I looove salted caramel…well done for putting yourself to so much trouble – it must have been hard….so many chocs- so little time(!)

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    16th November 2010

    Liz, indeed you are so right – the chore of getting through chocolate!

    Freerangegirl – to be recommended.

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    19th November 2010

    I love salty crisps and chocolate together so these sound right up my street. And the spicy flavourings of chai too – simply divine

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    21st November 2010

    They sound so amazing I may even buy some! (and I never buy chocolates for myself).

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    22nd November 2010

    Foodycat – I’d never get chocolate if I didn’t buy it myself – rarely anyway.

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    Tina Jui
    1st October 2013

    I really love the flavour of chai. Paired with chocolate must be delicious!

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    Maya Russell
    2nd December 2013

    This is an interesting sounding chocolate filling I have not heard of. I’d scoff the lot too!

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