Chocolate and Blackcurrant Roulade

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My posts have got a bit out of sync lately and I actually made this a month ago.

Hey ho, the picture I had in my head before making this roll, was very different to the one it actually turned out to be! You’ve heard of Eton Mess, now look as the mess I made. After the last one I attempted, I tried to be more careful, but it turned out to be even more of a disaster than the first one. I was impressed by the Jam Roll Celia made recently, which looked so good and so perfectly formed. When my mother turned up with a bowl of blackcurrants from her garden I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them. I had thought maybe the Christmas roulade didn’t roll well because it was too thick, so I made a different recipe and used less ingredients to make a thinner version – that was the plan anyway! The sponge actually rose really well and turned out to be nearly as thick as my first attempt.

This is what I did
  • Simmered 250g blackcurrants and 50g natural granulated sugar in 100ml water until soft.
  • Mixed 1 tbsp arrowroot in a little water and stirred into the blackcurrants then left to cool.
  • Whipped 150ml double cream until peaks formed.
  • Folded cream into blackcurrants.
  • Meanwhile, melted 100g 70% dark chocolate in a bowl over the cooking blackcurrants.
  • Whisked 4 eggs with 100g vanilla sugar until pale and very thick.
  • Added 15ml of just boiled water and continued to whisk until incorporated.
  • Folded in the chocolate.
  • Folded in 75g white spelt flour.
  • Poured mixture into a lined Swiss roll tin and baked at 200C for 8 minutes.
  • From here on in, things started to go wrong. Decided it might be better to roll up the sponge whilst still warm so turned it out onto a baking sheet sprinkled with caster sugar and rolled up. Left until cool.
  • Unrolled the sponge which promptly proceeded to break up.
  • Covered the inside with the blackcurrant cream then tried to re-roll. It didn’t like this treatment at all and broke up big time.
  • Lifted it onto a plate in order to take a photograph where not only did it break up some more but the filling squidged out from all sides.
  • Took a photo of the gory mess anyway.
Luckily, despite the less than perfect roll, it tasted pretty damn good. CT and I tucked into it not long after it my rolling fiasco and pronounced it delicious. The sponge fragments had soaked up the blackcurrant cream and the fruity hit was strong. The big question is, do I bother trying to do one of these rolls again or do I just give up now?


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    5th August 2010

    Love the contrast in colours! Very pretty. I’ve never made a Roulade though it is on my list of things to have a go at and getting ever closer to the top!

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    5th August 2010

    Wow this looks stunning. The colour contrast is fabulous. I want to make this just to shock my guests and delight my pink and purple obsessed daughter!

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    6th August 2010

    bet it tasted bloody excellent… and PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way…but it has the essence of ‘road-kill’ about it… um… I know you hate me now, so to add insult to injury I have to share my mum’s choc roulade with you… the detail is in the way she rolls it out and the prep she does to get to that stage :
    make your roulade but line the baking sheet with greased foil (yes foil) Once baked, take it out of the oven and turn it over onto another sheet of greased foil and leave it, with the baking tin still on top for at least 8 hours… so bake in the morning and go to work, or bake in the evening and leave it overnight.

    Now you’re ready to assemble; whip the cream and stir in the fruit / whatever.
    Take off the baking tin and carefully peel off the foil that lined the tin.
    Spread the cream mixture evenly onto the surface of the roulade and then, using the excess foil, roll the roulade into shape. It should be able to be slipped neatly onto a plate.

    you hate me now…

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    6th August 2010

    It’s not about how it looks but how it tastes! It looks very delicious to me, I love the idea of blackcurrant cream and chocolate – lovely, lovely.

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    6th August 2010

    That is wonderful! I love the idea of chocolate and blackberries – the mixture in the roulade oozing out looks so delicious!

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    Johanna GGG
    6th August 2010

    I’d have a large slice of that – looks delicious. I have only ever attempted roulade once and it was full of cracks but tasted good – must try it again though am not confident I could overcome the cracks – interested to hear if you find the solution

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    Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial
    6th August 2010

    Choclette, it looks incredible…I’m sure most of the women at the CWA would be happy to have your problem of a sponge that rises too well! 🙂

    I’d read too that you’re supposed to roll the sponge up, then unroll, fill and re-roll, but I didn’t bother – too scared to crack it! I did wonder why we all bother though, and whether or not we shouldn’t just cut the slab into slices and layer it one on top of the other! 🙂

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    7th August 2010

    You call it ‘gorey’ but it looks georgous to me. Blackcurrant and chocolate – good combo definitely.

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    7th August 2010

    It looks great and bet it is delicious! Way to go! I’m new here and so glad I found your blog. This, I will be trying as I love the great mix of ingredients!

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    8th August 2010

    Chele – I’m sure you’ll do a much better job than me – you have more patience.

    FreeRangeGirl – Yes a good fun one. Beetroot mixed into sour cream or yogurt (with lots of dill) is a great one for the purple wow factor too.

    Dom – haha, road kill indeed! Thanks for the tips from your mother – sounds like a plan and I shall try this next time (assuming I can get organised enough of course).

    Kath – bless you, you know how to cheer a girl up.

    Lucie – thank you. It was certainly oozing.

    Sushma – thank you, you’re very kind.

    Johanna – thank you. watch this space for a possible solution – although you might be watching for some time!

    Celia – you may have come up with a real trend there – a Swiss Stack!

    Gillian – thank you

    Pam – thank you for you kind comment and thanks also for following.

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    9th August 2010

    No, no, no, it doesn’t matter! It looks so tempting just at it is. I so want a slice of it. Drool, drool! You are always tormenting me like this.

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    Grazing Kate
    9th August 2010

    Hi Choclette,
    Sorry, to add a non-relevant comment (although I think the roulade looks lovely and totally un-road-kill)…
    So, I’m hoping there’ll be four of us from UKFBA at Fat Lemons in Totnes this Saturday (you, me, The Burb and Beth Sachs)- hope this is still good for everyone. Could you just re-confirm? Thanks!

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    9th August 2010

    Hah! It DOES look kind of gory – but you know, not gory in a bad way. Definitely do another one.

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    Grazing Kate
    10th August 2010

    Hi Choclette – great will see you on Saturday – I suggested we all bring a foodie book to read while waiting so we recognise each other. A bit of sourdough starter would be fab – I was going to ask you but thought it might be a tad cheeky – it will be much used I assure you. See you on Sat.

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    10th August 2010

    That sounds like a delicious combination, and it doesn’t look that bad at all! Can’t imagine anyone would turn their nose up to it if it was put infront of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    10th August 2010

    CC – you can count on blackcurrants for colour.

    Raffaella – thank you. Any specific kind of tea?

    Jac – if I can manage a bit of torment, I feel I’ve done a good job.

    Grazing Kate, will try and bring some sourdough along, but can’t promise a book. I’ll be coming by train and possibly walking to Dartington beforehand so won’t want to carry more than I need.

    Thank you Oxslip

    Greedy Rosie – you’ve persuaded me not to give up!

    Sarah, as I just said to Jac, torment means I’m on the right track.

    Thank you Catherine

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    11th August 2010

    I have only ever attempted roulade once and it was full of cracks but tasted good – must try it again though am not confident I could overcome the cracks – interested to hear if you find the solution

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    11th August 2010

    Ananda – thank you

    Gabby – a few cracks I wouldn’t mind, it’s the near complete break up I’m not too happy about. But I will make another attempt at some point and see if I can do better – I’ve had quite a bit of advice.

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    Brownieville Girl
    13th August 2010

    I’d love a slice, what a wonderful combination – I’ll have to try it.. or might try blackberries (they look like they will ripen soon) they should give the same wonderful colour.

    Thanks for the tutorial Dom :-} I’d be afraid of the foil though!!

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    22nd August 2010

    I found your blog. This, I will be trying as I love the great mix of ingredients!

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    22nd August 2010

    BVG – thanks, I loved the colour too. I thought the judges in Great British Bake Off were being a bit harsh about the wonderfully pink strawberry cream.

    Jenny – thanks, it did taste very good.

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    1st July 2012

    OMG! This is a wonderful dessert. I love the colour of the blackcurrants in contrast with the darkness of the chocolate. You have done really well!

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    Maya Russell
    20th March 2013

    Never ever attempted a roulade. The rolling bit looks complicated – but thank you Dom for some tips.

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    13th February 2014

    This looks so good, I will try it out on my in-laws next time they come for lunch. Many thanks.

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    Vohn's Vittles
    15th January 2015

    Oh my – this looks so delicious Choclette. I haven’t had a chocolate roulade for years! I’m craving a slice of yours right NOW!

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