Dark Passionfruit Brownies

Having finally located some passionfruit, I went a little overboard and bought quite a few. Then they all needed using up! So I was looking to bake something else after my success with the white chocolate and passionfruit cupcakes. I had brownies on the brain at the time, so brownies it had to be. After hunting around the net, I found this recipe at Scandilicious.

Having made these some time before Easter and having stupidly lost my notes, I can’t quite remember how I made them. I know I didn’t use the extra egg yolk as I can never bear to have just a single egg white hanging around – what do you do with only 1 egg white? I think I might also have used 3 passionfruit!!!

Excited by such fragrant delights, I wasted no time in sinking my teeth into one. Oh no, it had a very strong chocolate hit which was great, but I found the overall experience disappointing. Dark chocolate didn’t seem to go well with passionfruit and rather masked the flavour – or did it? CT loved them at first bite and thought it was a terrific combination. When I tried one again the following day I couldn’t understand why I was so underwhelmed the first time around. It just goes to show, you can’t always trust your own tastebuds. In fact these just got better with each passing day. They had a fudgy consistency and a velvety texture, although I found the seeds slightly annoying. If you love dark chocolate and you love passionfruit, you’ll love these.


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    21st April 2010

    What a great flavor combination! I am glad to hear you were pleased after the second try. I wish passionfruit was available here.

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    21st April 2010

    Hmmmm yes I do love both so could you save one for me please? What do you mean they are all gone! Darn, I’ll have to make them myself 😉

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    Astra Libris
    21st April 2010

    Totally gorgeous, posh brownies… I never would have thought of putting passionfruit in brownies, but I LOVE the idea!! Sounds positively dreamy!

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    21st April 2010

    Wow, what a great idea! I love how versatile brownies are. Yours look delicious. 🙂

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    Joanna @ Zeb Bakes
    21st April 2010

    What next, you putting passion fruit in yours and Celia putting rum sozzled figs in hers….I think I will have to make a batch of brownies tomorrow. It must be a sign. Though all I have in the fruit bowl are two overripe kiwis and I am NOT putting them in a brownie. They do seem to taste better the next day though, I’ve noticed that before. They look very inviting, I like the shiny tops!

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    Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial
    22nd April 2010

    Hmmm…Choclette…they do look yummy! We’ve been talking about you in our kitchen – made your chilli sauce yesterday, I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow. It was wonderful! Thank you.. 🙂

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    22nd April 2010

    Great idea. Love the flavour combo. I knowhat you mean about the seeds though, and I always feel slightly cheated if I strain the passionfruit first!

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    Mommy Gourmet
    22nd April 2010

    Isn’t it odd how even with baked goods flavors can continue to meld. I once gave a friend a recipe for brownies I make she loved. She called me up irritated, conviced I didn’t give her an ingredient. She said they were okay, but not great. I didn’t know what to tell her. The next day she called and said they were now wonderful… go figure. Apparently my secret ingredient was to let it sit!!

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    22nd April 2010

    I am loving your passion for passionfruit! These look totally delicious.

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    22nd April 2010

    Oh yeah, just happened to buy too many passionfruit – right! However, you certainly turned them into something delcious.

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    24th April 2010

    SomeSayCocoa -sorry about that, but at least they are easy and fast to make!

    AstraLibris – I’ll go with posh brownies, that sounds good.

    Bridgett – where are you that passionfruit aren’t available?

    Suzler – what I’m finding out is just how versatile chocolate cake baking is.

    Jacqueline – Knowing I have a terrible memory I usually write recipes down as soon as I’ve made them, but I somehow didn’t manage it this time!!

    Joanna – You’re right somehow Kiwi brownies don’t sounds so great but figs and rum certainly do. Did you make some in the end and what did you put in them?

    Celia – so pleased you made the chilli sauce. It looks great in your lovely bottles.

    Sushma – they were certainly the first ones I’ve ever tried and very nice they were too.

    Chele – I did think about straining the passionfruit, but thought I wouldn’t get much out of them if I did – hum dilemma!

    Mommy Groumet – maybe that’s the answer – don’t try anything until the next day?? Highly doubtful I can be that disciplined! But I think you’re right, cakes often taste better the next day.

    Lucie have now discovered an amazing sounding chocolate and passionfruit cake which I want to try – it uses rather a lot of passionfruit though.

    Janice – well it’s hard to turn away from a passionfruit bargain when you come accross one.

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    nic @ nipitinthebud
    27th April 2010

    mmmmmmm. I must be feeling better – I’d happily munch my way through one or two of those. Perhaps a little baking therapy is called for!

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