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Chocolate Breakfast Competition – Results

Savoury Chocolate | 21st March 2010 | By

Thank you to all who entered this competition and thank you also to Dorset Cereals for providing this great prize. All the lovely ideas you’ve shared are much appreciated. As you can imagine, it was really hard to come up with a single entry that we liked the best – there were so many good ones. I did think, fleetingly, of trying them all out and in an ideal world (one where I was a lady of leisure) I would have done.


I had my own attempt at being creative for breakfast this morning, but it wasn’t the success I was hoping for – see the photo and you’ll understand why. I had some left over purple mashed potato and thought this would be great baked in the oven with an egg and some of Willie’s 100% Cocoa grated over the top. The cocoa worked fine and enhanced the flavour, but the egg went all hard and rubbery. CT said it reminded him of toxic mine waste and was glad he wasn’t around for breakfast. Needless to say, I will not be awarding myself the prize!

Where to start? Actually, Chele got it off to a really good start with her chocolate French toast sandwich – that one has to go on my list of things to try. Jacqueline’s chocolate waffles and chocolate milk also sounded rather yummy – especially with the imaginative addition of pear and ginger. The sound of churros dipped in hot chocolate really makes my mouth water and I would love to try them, but perhaps on holiday with someone else making them. Thanks for the recipe though – one never knows! Breakfast scones from LPATRI11 were sounding like a healthier option until the chocolate spread (and cream) came into the equation – liked the sound of these too.
I really loved Emma’s story of childhood bread and chocolate by the sea – that has to be the best setting for breakfast. Hilary’s chocolate pancakes sounded fun and chocolate loaf cake rather decadent. As delicious as pain au chocolat is, it is indeed “fairly traditional”. Janice is after a complete chocolate and sugar fix with her triple chocolate and fudge porridge – I dare you to have more than one bowl. I liked Wendy’s idea of something savoury with a mole sauce, but given that I’m vegetarian wasn’t too keen on the leftover meat. Suelle’s chocolate, chilli and lime bread certainly appeals to Oxslip. It appeals to me too although neither CT nor I are coffee drinkers. Celia’s honorary entry of a good hot chocolate is so appealing I’ve just sent CT off to make one. Oxslip’s mix of French sourdough, English marmalade and Dutch vermicelli is an interesting European take on the breakfast idea. More pancakes from Emma but with chocolate sauce this time. I appreciated her talk of bolstering the sugary confection with some nutritious nuts. Really liked Wenchie’s seasonally adaptable idea for a gooey chocolate and banana mix to accompany yogurt or porridge. Although I’m not a big banana eater I am very tempted to try this. Another vote for pain au chocolat from Hannah, but I think I liked her almond and chocolate pastries more. As I actually like to have a fairly healthy start to the day, I also liked the idea of fresh fruit dipped in melted chocolate. Louise’s idea of chunks of chopped chocolate in granola sounds like a good way of bumping up the cocoa content of granola and a nice way to start the day. Thank you Louise for Orangette’s recipe – I shall be trying it.
So, CT and I have cogitated and ummed and ahhed and tried to come to a decision – arghhhh!
Hard as it was, we both independently, without conferring, came to the same conclusion – the winner is:
Suelle – with her suggestion of Chocolate, Chilli and Lime Bread. Congratulations.
It combines my interest in chocolate, lime, chillies and bread making. I can imagine stumbling out of bed and being revived by a stimulating hit of eye opening chilli, refreshing lime and uplifting chocolate. It’s also not too sweet – as much as we both have a sweet tooth, neither of us can really face a big sugar hit first thing in the morning. We’ll pass on the coffee though and have a nice steaming pot of hot chocolate instead. I guess I’m going to have to make this now!
Suelle can you send me your postal address via my e-mail (nammar at tiscali dot co dot uk) so that I can pass it on to Dorset Cereals who will send your prize.


  1. Mr. P

    21st March 2010 at 4:13 pm

    I just got your mesage! Missed the comp – gutted!

    Lovely blog though, chocolate lavender cake sounds amazing!

  2. Suelle

    21st March 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Golly – how exciting! I was going to say that I never win anything, but then I remembered winning ‘The Cook’s Book’ in a Guardian competition, along with a personal recipe from Dan Lepard. I need to stick to food related competitions, obviously. Thank you- will email you, Choclette.

  3. oxslip

    21st March 2010 at 8:08 pm

    I agree, sounds like a belter. You’ll *have* to bake it now Suelle and post about it please?

  4. Astra Libris

    22nd March 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Chocolate, chili, and lime sounds like a truly incredible combination! I love sweet potatoes with cocoa powder… Great idea to try it for breakfast! Chocolate for breakfast makes everything better… 🙂

  5. Lucie

    22nd March 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Well done Suelle!! Lovely idea. Lucie x

  6. Janice

    22nd March 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Well done Suelle. That is certainly a novel idea for a breakfast bread!

  7. Anne

    22nd March 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Congrats Suelle!

    Choclette – I had to laugh sorry at ‘toxic mine waste’, I was admitedly up until that point trying to work out what the picture was off…Well done on creativity though! 🙂

  8. wenchie

    23rd March 2010 at 11:19 am

    Lots of lovely ideas (mostly for a sunday breekie, I think, weekdays are mostly cornflakes in a rush!) – although I think I’ll maybe skip over the toxic waste ;).

    I’d absolutely having the churros on holiday, they’re one of my best foodie memories of manhattan and they were deliciously decadent!

  9. Suelle

    23rd March 2010 at 11:49 am

    Thanks again, Choclette – a large parcel arrived today containg 6 boxes of cereal, a breakfast bowl and a hessian shopping bag – much more than I expected.


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