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Chocolate Party Cake

A party – hurrah!  So, a chocolate party cake.  A suitably large and rather nice sounding cake came to light as I was leafing through my various recipe books, encouragingly entitled ‘The Big Quick Cake’.  Sounded promising.  It ended up not being quite so quick.  Firstly, it was meant to be one big cake, but I wanted to make a filled cake. Secondly, despite my aversion to the creaming method, I have been rather won over by the results I’ve been getting and after all, this was a cake for a special occasion.  In addition, the muscles in my right arm seem to have firmed up somewhat.  So despite this not being the method used according to the book, Divine, I heroically gripped my bowl and spoon and commenced.


  • Creamed 250g unsalted butter with 250g light muscovado sugar – for ages!
  • Sifted 200g speltflour (100g wholemeal and 100g white) together with 2 tsp baking powder, 75g cocoa and a pinch of salt
  • Beat in 6 duck eggs alternatively with some of the flour mixture
  • Folded in remaining flour.
  • Spooned mixture into two 23cm round tins
  • Baked for 25 mins in preheated oven at 180°C (gas 4)
  • Melted 100g unsalted butter with 100g bar milk chocolate (Montezuma’s for a change)
  • Mixed this in with 100g sieved icing sugar, 1 tbsp cocoa and 1 tsp coffee powder dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water.
  • Spread half of this on top of one cooled cake, sandwiched the other cake on top then spread on remaining icing.
I managed to snaffle a small slice at the party and was well pleased with the results.  I am not a coffee fan and definitely not a coffee chocolate fan, but this was quite a light touch and did give a certain depth of flavour.
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  1. Maya Russell

    23rd February 2013 at 7:38 am

    I tend to cream the mixture using a mixer rather than by hand. Easy recipe otherwise. Thanks.


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