Cut the Chocolate Log

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Like many people, I have to confess to a decided penchant for chocolate. It started off many years ago when, as a child, I would save up my pocket money until I had enough to buy a bar of “Old Jamaica”. It’s ended up with something a little more sophisticated – preferably organic and with a much higher cocoa content.

However, much as I love eating chocolate, this blog is really about cooking with chocolate. I have a rather large collection of chocolate recipes, but find that I tend to stick to a few tried and tested ones. Time to branch out I’m thinking. I’m also hoping that “going public” will give me the incentive to bake more often than I actually do.
Although I’ve used “chocolate log” in the title of this blog, I have very rarely made one. My aim in cooking is certainly to make delicious food, but to do it in the simplest and least fussy way – drizzles of raspberry coulis is just not my style, nor is too much faffing about! In my experience, chocolate logs are a little too much on the fussy side – also I don’t have an appropriate tin.
In my experience, cooking with good quality and preferably organic ingredients is the key to making good food. I very rarely follow a recipe exactly and although I do have the odd mishap, I’ve never had to throw anything away. So, as long as you are prepared for something that doesn’t generally turn out to look much like the glossy pictures in books and magazines, but tastes pretty damn good (hopefully), read on.


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