We Should Cocoa – the June Challenge

Well I think we need a bit of light relief after all that rolling – I know I certainly do. Having said that, there have been lots of admiring comments about the standard and variety of the entries. If you haven’t seen the roulade round-up, it’s worth a look, it really is. This challenge will hopefully be something that you’ll all enjoy. With the exception of the Tea Challenge, I’ve been trying to stick to the seasons in my choices this year. So, summer is a coming here in the UK, it’s June, it’s Wimbledon, it’s Strawberries – yes, that’s right, strawberries. For those living where strawberries aren’t in season, there is always good old strawberry jam to use instead, or strawberry liqueur or any other strawberry concoction you might come up with.

If this is your first visit or you need a reminder of the rules, check out the We Should Cocoa challenge page.


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    1st June 2011

    Yay for home grown strawberries – Looking forward to participating in this challenge.

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    1st June 2011

    Love it! My strawberries arent going to be ready but I’m eternally grateful for the excuse of going to buy more of our local ones!

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    SweetHarts Cakes and Bakes
    1st June 2011

    I told my hubby about this challenge today and the next thing I knew,I had a rather large quantity of strawberries placed on my kitchen table..Talk about keen! this will be fun! 🙂

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    2nd June 2011

    Right! I know exactly what I’m going to make and it doesn’t involve waiting for some stupid ingredient! And I have friends coming to the cottage so I shall make it thus weekend too! LOVE strawberries! Fab stuff choclette xxxx

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    3rd June 2011

    Thanks all – glad you’re all keen. Look forward to seeing what you come up with and do hope you enjoy eating those strawberries as well as the lovely weather. Just had our first strawberry (only about 6 in total) and it was the best!

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    4th June 2011

    Woo hoo! Love strawberries and they always work so well with chooclate. This will actually fot in very well with something I already had in mind to bake too ;0)

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    7th June 2011

    I love strawberries! I knew immediately as soon as I read this exactly what I wanted to make… just have to figure it out 🙂

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