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What’s a wordle you might ask? Well some of you may have noticed that a hotchpotch of words related to my chocolate blog has lately appeared at the top of my side bar. This is entirely down to Joanna who recently posted about a rather addictive word cloud facility called Wordle. You can link your words to the tags in your blog or create your own list. This should come with a warning though, you can have hours of fun – say no more!


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    1st March 2011

    Time disappeared when I was on that thing. Just one more I said to myself…10 times later…
    That certainly sounds like you Choclette 🙂
    …but hey, where’s tempering?

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    2nd March 2011

    Hi Choclette,
    I love this! I’m going to have to have a go myself.

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    2nd March 2011

    CityHippy – oh, errr, the tempering, hummmm!

    Torview, Dom, Raffaella – thanks, it’s a bit of fun and I enjoyed playing.

    Pascale – Beware!

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    2nd March 2011

    Can’t tell you how many times I have played around with this tool just to loose the lot after going one step too far! Grrrrrr. Love the look of yours … might attempt it again at the weekend after seeing this ;0)

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    5th March 2011

    Chele – yes I managed to have a few frustrating moments with this too.

    Dom – hate me? I love you 🙂

    Baking Addict – beware.

    Hannah – nicely put.

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    Chocolate Truffles
    21st August 2011

    superlike 🙂
    that is really great

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